What is PayPointZ Wallet?
The PayPointZ Wallet is a secure digital wallet that enables you manage your money and make transactions with great ease. You can use it to make payments at various merchants for products & services, and to send money to friends PayPointZ Wallets or Bank Account instantly. PayPointZ is approved by the Reserve Bank of India under the Payment & Settlement Act of (yr)
What are the benefits of using the PayPointZ Wallet?
Secure, Hassle free transactions with fewer validations, quicker than credit / debit cards, higher success rate and limited exposure.
How does PayPointZ Wallet work?
PayPointZ Wallet is just like ready to use cash without the hassle of managing currency notes. All you have to do is register, load some money using a credit, debit card, net banking or at our retail agents and get going.
How do I register?
Log onto www.PayPointZ.com, click on sign-up, fill in some basic details, verify your mobile phone and you’re done!
How do I get account details?
Once you’ve registered, your account details are sent to you on your e-mail id and/or mobile number. Your login details and password can be viewed and managed by logging into your account at www.PayPointZ.com
Can I start using my account directly as soon as I register?
Yes, as soon as your Mobile Number is verified, you can start transacting. How can I check my balance & transaction history of my PayPointZ Wallet? Visit www.paypointz.com and log into your account and click on the Transactions Tab to view your balance & transaction history.
Does the PayPointZ wallet expire?
Yes, The PayPointZ wallet expires after 18 months from the date of your last transaction and after several notifications to the wallet holder.
Do I get charged for using PayPointZ Wallet?
No! It’s absolutely free.
Can I remove money from the wallet?
Yes, no can transfer the money back into your bank account or transfer it to friend into his PayPointZ Wallet or bank account
How much amount I can keep in my PayPointZ Wallet account?
You can keep a maximum of Rs 10,000/- in your account if your wallet is a Easy KYC i.e verified with only mobile number. If you complete the KYC formalities listed under the “KYC” tab in your account, your limit gets increased to Rs 1,00,000/- (This limit may vary from time to time as per the guidelines issued by Reserve Bank of India).
Can I pay via PayPointZ Wallet for buying an item?
Yes you can, on our entire merchant network. In fact using PayPointZ Wallet to pay for any kind of transactions, you can speed up your checkout process.
What all merchants are available through PayPointZ Wallet account?
Details of all the merchants where PayPointZ Wallet can be used are available on www.PayPointZ.com/merchants
How much money can be transferred or received using this?
You can transfer any amount upto Rs.5,000 in one transaction and Rs. 25,000 per month.
I forgot my password, how do I change it?
It’s simple, just go on to the login page, and click on forgot password and we’ll send you the password reset details.
What if I lose my mobile phone?
Even if you lose your mobile phone, keep us informed by calling at 022-61733333, so that we can block your Wallet as further safeguard.
Can I send money to a person who is not a PayPointZ Wallet holder?
Yes you can send money to a person who is not a PayPointZ Wallet holder. The person you choose to send money should have a bank account in that case.
How can I contact PayPointZ Wallet?
For any query, suggestion or help do reach out to us on customer.care@paypointindia.com or simply give us a call at our Customer Care number 022-61733333.